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Colenco Ltd. on smart metering strategy of OSSH, Albania

Study on Strategy for Smart Metering System implementation for OSSH

Client: Albanian Distribution Network Operator (OSSH)
Country: Albania
Finance: EBRD

We are pleased to announce that our consultant company has won a tender to provide technical assistance to the Albanian Distribution Network Operator (OSSH) in proposing a comprehensive strategy for the deployment of a smart metering system. The objective of the project is to investigate the most appropriate strategic approach for workable smart metering system implementation in Albania, starting from the already installed system and meters.

Our team of experts will undertake the three main objectives of the assignment, including proposing a comprehensive strategy for the deployment of a smart metering system for OSSH, providing a cost-benefit analysis, and preparing optimal technical specifications of smart meters and smart metering infrastructure. This will be achieved by taking into consideration the regulatory framework, existing OSSH metering infrastructure and platform, EU directives/recommendations for smart metering, and state-of-art methodology for smart metering implementation.

The proposed strategy will include risk assessment and analysis of technical risks associated with smart metering implementation, changes in existing working processes and organizational structure to enable maximum exploitation of expected benefits, and systems development is driven from strategy implementation, i.e., required systems and functionalities to carry out successful operation of smart metering infrastructure. Additionally, we will provide a cost-benefit analysis and propose investment prioritization to foresee the budget needed for the implementation of a smart metering system per metering point.

We are honored to be selected as the consultant for this project, and we look forward to working with OSSH to deploy a smart metering system that will provide reliable and efficient energy distribution services to Albanian consumers.

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