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Engineering excellence

COLENCO GmbH is a Germany based consulting and engineering company, building up on the principles and values of the former COLENCO.

COLENCO Ltd. is a company initially established in 2012 as AF-Consult Ltd. Skopje, being a part of ÅF Group and operating as focal point for business in all Balkan region, CIS region and Africa & Asia countries. During all our history, we established as one of the most respected engineering companies in our field of operation that resulted with our transformation into independent company, and new identity brand COLENCO Ltd.

What gives COLENCO leading force is its dedicated team, composed of specifically experienced engineers, management team, as well as specialized team for tendering, finance and administration services. Engineers hold Authorization for Supervision of Construction facilities of first category

Our Company holds License for Supervision and our engineers hold Authorization A for Construction of facilities of first category according to the Macedonian laws, and have extensive experience in procurement, implementation, monitoring and supervision of projects financed by International Financing Institutions, especially the EBRD, World Bank, EIB, etc., and also KfW, European Commission and other commercial banks.

COLENCO has provided technical assistance to its clients seeking capacity development, and has acted as FIDIC engineer on various projects in the region. Training and transfer of know-how is constantly intervened in the course of project implementation. The engineering team of COLENCO, together with the support of the tendering, finance and administration team, under coordination and management of its management team, is the package you need to answer to your needs.

Having joined forces with COLENCO GmbH, Germany and COLENCO EOOD Bulgaria (former EMG Consult, as a consulting company with many years of experience in energy), bringing local and international expertise together, we can provide a broad range of specialized solutions tailored to your company needs.

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