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AAA Qualty Swiss Made Rolex datejust replica watch Online

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There are four documented instances of the Professional dial variation of the watch with the more familiar printed logo, a more modern variation of the OMEGA printing and, of course, PROFESSIONAL printed under swiss replica watches, in a third line. Moonwatch Only, also, points out that these had smaller counters. Oddly enough, one of the four, is a ST 105.012 rather than the ST 145.012. Go figure.

1969: The 145.014 Mark II

The 1969 Rolex datejust replica gold Mark II Reference 145.014 with the Racing Dial (Image: ©Revolution)


In 1969, the Racing Dial evolved along with the case shape of the Rolex datejust replica. The Rolex datejust replica had now taken on a barrel-type case, very reminiscent of the 70s. Point to remember is that the Mark II was loaded with regular black dials and, as well, the Racing Dial, which had a grey base with a red ring on the outer edge of the dial. Hour markers along this outer edge were now orange, coated with a luminous pigment, with yet another set of white hour markers further in.

On the Mark II Racing Dials, the Omega logo was in Rolex GMT-Master II Replica orange with all of the time keeping hands in white and the time measuring hands in orange. Keep in mind, for now that the Mark II, also, had a chrono seconds hand that looked at lot like the one from the 1968 Ultraman. And, with that I’ll leave it there, because Wei Koh’s already written a substantial story on the subject of the Mark II, which you can read here.

1969/70: The 145.022-69

The Rolex datejust replica Reference 145.022-69 with the Racing Dial and orange arrow-tipped central chrono hand

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