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Consultant on more than 2500km HV OHTLs up to 500kV from which above 1400km Interconnection lines. Consultant on more than 70 HV SSs of up to 750kV.

Transmission and distribution

The Transmission & Distribution (T&D) activities cover high and medium voltage switchgear, transmission network substations, distribution substations, low voltage transformers up to power transformer stations, compensation systems and grounding net. The projects usually include feasibility studies and expertise, specifications, tender preparation and evaluation, contract negotiations, detailed planning and engineering, project management, supervision during implementation, management of installation and conducting of testing and commissioning.

Consultant on Projects in Hydro Power Plants with 2480MW total installed power in the Balkan Region

Hydro power

The increasing need for clean energy through the greater use of hydropower is today a socio-political necessity. In the sector of new power stations, we provide services such as comprehensive site investigations, environmental compatibility studies, energy studies, minimum stream flow studies, project planning, feasibility studies, tender design and tender documents, licensing applications, construction design and supervision to ensure high-quality construction, with the use of up-to-date electromechanical equipment and components, and innovative design of small-scale hydropower  plants. Here, particular attention is paid to the environmental protection, applying the most up-to-date technology.

Providing permits for Wind Power Projects. 600 MW Solar power plants installed.

Renewable energy

Our Renewable energy (RE) team provides consultancy services in all major renewable energy technologies, such as solar (photovoltaic power plants – PV), wind and small hydro. We offer and provide services to various clients, including government bodies, ministries, energy departments, regulatory bodies, public utilities, financing institutions, as well as private corporations and clients in North Macedonia and in the Balkan region.

The Renewable energy team consists of more than 20 qualified professionals, employees and associates, including engineers, energy economists, management professionals, geologists, planning and analysis experts, statics, legal experts with diverse professional experience. We are fully in line with the global developments in the renewable energy sector, focusing our team to ensure sustainable energy on the long run.

Feasibility studies for rehabilitation of power plants with environment friendly technologies.

Thermal energy

We have accumulated comprehensive know-how and understanding of the technical, environmental, financial and economic aspects of all kind of thermal energy plants. Our engineers carry out project evaluation, concept development, feasibility studies, design and project management for all kind of energy plants such as coal, oil- and gas-fired power plants, combined cycle power plants, gas turbine and diesel generating plants, biomass energy plants, biogas plants, micro turbines, WtE waste incineration.

For the rehabilitation and optimization of the existing energy plants, we provide a broad spectrum of engineering services for the identification and implementation of the required improvement measures, as well as the support of plant personnel for optimal operation and maintenance, training and other organizational aspects. For all kind of projects, our experts pay particular attention to the energy efficiency and environmental impact of the plant. Under consideration of the financial and economic criteria, and the local conditions for each individual project, the most suitable solution is selected. Depending on the available fuels and the local environmental requirements, we also provide the necessary services for the planning and implementation of all kinds of flue gas cleaning systems (e. g. DeSOx, DeNOx) and waste disposal.

Vehicle to grid survey to the complex energy system

WANS – Wide area monitoring system

SCADA /EMS/ Market management system implementation

Renewable energy system forecasting

Smart grids

The energy market is a highly dynamic place, with many powerful factors of change. Some of these are leading to the demise of traditional grids, while others are facilitating the smart grids that are replacing them.

Our team can help explain the changing market and identify where opportunities exist to save on ever increasing energy cost or even take advantage of opportunities to generate new incremental revenue streams.

Through our expertise and market knowledge we can also assist you through the often complex ‘change process’ necessary to effectively and seamlessly take advantage of a whole range of new opportunities.

COLENCO offers a range of services to help clients implement smart networks that are intelligently integrating generation, storage and demand in real-time whilst guarding the network assets.

Digitalization in Smart Grid Networks

We can assess the reliability and security of individual systems and their connections across the entire infrastructure, as well as the effectiveness of their use.

We offer complete high-performance cyber security solutions, cyber security audit and analyze over existing infrastructures.

Management of complex refurbishment of entire DH infrastructure and generation facilities

District heating

District heating energy systems emerged as a best practice approach for providing a local, affordable and low-carbon energy supply. District heating energy represents a significant opportunity for cities to move towards climate-resilient, resource-efficient and low-carbon pathways.

The development of modern (i.e., energy-efficient and climate-resilient) and affordable district energy systems in cities is one of the least-cost and most-efficient solutions for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and primary energy demand. A transition to such systems, combined with using of renewable energy and implementation of efficiency measures, could significantly contribute to carbon dioxide (CO2) emission reductions required in the energy sector.

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