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COLENCO Leads Agricultural Transformation in Macedonia!

Exciting News Unveiled: COLENCO is at the forefront of Macedonia’s agricultural revolution as we embark on groundbreaking projects to establish two cutting-edge agro-distribution centers in Strumica and Resen. ️

Key Highlights:

  • Strategic Partnership: COLENCO joins forces with Globaltek Desarolos, New Vision, and Urbanism Bureau Bitola to deliver excellence in every phase of the project.
  • National Impact: Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski underscores the significance of these centers, aligning with the vision of a robust national food distribution system.
  • Global Support: The World Bank’s substantial support of 46 million euros underscores the international backing for our transformative initiatives.
  • Economic Boost: Minister of Agriculture, Ljupcho Nikolovski, emphasizes the economic benefits, increased competitiveness, and enhanced access to international markets.
  • Environmental Commitment: COLENCO’s Director, Nikola Bitrak, pledges the integration of the latest technology and sustainable energy practices, demonstrating our commitment to a greener future.

What’s Next:

The agro-distribution center in Resen, spanning 10,000 m2, will process 5,000 to 8,000 tons of fruit. Meanwhile, Strumica’s center will be a key facility for intensive vegetable production.

Our Vision:

COLENCO envisions a modernized agricultural sector, meeting European and global standards. We’re not just building distribution centers; we’re laying the foundation for a competitive, high-quality, and sustainable future.

Stay tuned for more updates on how COLENCO is shaping the future of agriculture in Macedonia and beyond! #COLENCONews #AgriculturalTransformation #InnovationInAction #SustainableAgriculture #BuildingTheFuture

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