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  • Feasibility Study (including social and environmental assessment study) for strengthening of main Croatian transmission north-south axis enabling new interconnection development
  • OHL of 155 km between Banja Luka and Luka
  • Feasibility studies for 400kV interconnection standardization Kenya Uganda Rwanda
  • Feasibility studies, analysis and design of 1000 km 400 kV transmission lines and associated substations
  • 400 kV Transmission Interconnection Line ”SS Shtip – Macedonian/Serbian Border” and 400kV TL Bay in SS Shtip
  • Construction of a new 70km 400kV overhead TL from 400/110 kV S/S Shtip (Macedonia) to the Macedonian/Serbian Border (Interconnection with the already constructed overhead TL S/S Nis (Serbia) – to the Macedonian/Serbian Border)
  • Construction of a new 400/110 kV SS in Shtip (Macedonia) and extension of the existing 400 kV SS in Dubrovo (Macedonia)
  • Interconnection hub on 400kV level between Macedonia, Serbia and Bulgaria
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